Wildlife in Freefall

In 2020, the World Wildlife Fund sounded the alarm about biodiversity loss, describing global wildlife populations as being “in freefall.” As revealed by its flagship Living Planet Report, the numbers of mammals, birds, fish, plants and insects have fallen an average of 68 per cent globally since 1970 – more than two thirds in less than 50 years.

Human mismanagement of the environment - through resource extraction, intensive agriculture, and climate change, is precipitating the sixth mass extinction of plants and animals in Earth's history.

Even investors are waking up to the fact that without biodiversity, there is no  prospect for decarbonization, no route to net zero.

Freefall challenges us to lower our anthropocentric gaze and ask how our fellow species would feel if they knew of their fate. In a word: terrified.

We dare you to hang one and just see what happens.

Illustrations by Sergey Avdeev / art direction by Giles Jackson.