The Age of Sail

Imagine if fossil fuels had never been discovered. Imagine they remained deep underground, forever. Now imagine every eligible 18th century coastline dotted with offshore wind turbines...

In this happy scenario, the 'Golden Age of Sail' never ended. James Watt was remembered not for his coal-powered locomotive, but for his wind powered turbine -- setting us on a 'Net Zero' course for centuries to come!

This is the fantasy world conjured up in five beautiful maps, cheekily adapted from a set of originals drawn in the 1700's by 'Your Majesty's most Dutiful, most Obedient, and most Humble servant, Henry Popple'.

Of course, the collection would not have been complete without a few classic ship scenes (the next best thing to a scale model encased in glass).

Reproduced with permission from the David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries. A portion of the proceeds is donated to the Center in gratitude for its public service.