Primeval Fire Escape

Once upon a time there lived a fearless highlander, Loftus McLeod, who founded the Liberation Kilt Company to fight social injustices in 18th century Scotland--until an enraged George III snuffed them out.

Coming out of hiding two centuries later, McLeod realized that more or less exactly nothing had changed. So he re-founded his beloved Liberation Kilt Company, roping in a poor unsuspecting professor, Giles Jackson.

Entering 21st century society, Loftus perceived that deep down, people knew that mankind was on an unsustainable path, yet they struggled to picture what an alternative social order would even look like.

And so, he set off on an epic world tour, to 'sit around the fire' with indigenous peoples who had lived sustainably for millennia.

Unfortunately, we seem to have lost track of McLeod's whereabouts. It doesn't help that he only communicates by carrier pigeon.

Last we heard, he was living with an Aboriginal group in Northeast Australia, burning grass tree logs to ward off thunderstorms -- as they have reliably done for 50,000 years.

CAUTION: When hosting your own primeval tribal gathering, be sure to maintain a safe distance from your house. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS ACTIVITY INDOORS. Hang a stunning print from this collection instead.