Climate Science

“Charles David Keeling’s measurements of the global accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere set the stage for today’s profound concerns about climate change. They are the single most important environmental data set taken in the 20th century. David Keeling was living proof that a scientist could, by sticking close to his bench, change the world” ~ C. F. Kennel, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Ralph Keeling kindly granted us exclusive use of his father’s lab notes, which inspired the centrepiece of this collection: the Climate Collage.

As well as the lab notes, the Climate Collage features sketches of the Mauna Loa Observatory where Dr. Keeling began his measurements back in 1958, the American Avocet (a large shorebird threatened by climate change), scientific graphs, and, the chemical symbol for CO2.

There's more to the collection, notably, sketches of Scripps project engineer Dave Moss taking air samples on Christmas Island!

Illustrations by Roma Gavrila / art direction by Giles Jackson.

NB Liberation Kilt Co designed the Keeling tartan in honour of Dr. Keeling