Welcome Home

What is “home”?

Well, a home has certain properties. “The first of these properties is order, by which is meant simply “patterning” in environmental experience and behavior,” says Professor Kim Dovey of the University of Melbourne. “Being at home is a mode of being whereby we are oriented within a spatial, temporal, and sociocultural order that we understand.”

War obliterates this sense of order, replacing it with chaos. “The war has impacted all children’s psychosocial well-being. All of them,” said Aaron Greenberg of UNICEF, the U.N. Children’s Fund. “Children have been uprooted from their homes, separated from caregivers, and directly exposed to war. Children have been shaken by bomb explosions and the blaring sirens of missile alert systems…. And, most importantly, many children have witnessed or experienced physical and sexual violence.”

This psychological trauma has created a child protection crisis of extraordinary proportions. Nearly two-thirds of all Ukrainian children have been displaced.

We support CO-HATY, a co-housing project for people who lost their homes due to war. CO-HATY reconstructs old dormitories in towns in western Ukraine so the displaced people can live there.

HATY – in Ukrainian, means “HOUSES”

COHATY – in Ukrainian, means “TO LOVE”

Thank you for your support!