Girl vs. Missile

Few in the West thought that Ukraine would put up much of a fight, let alone have Russians on the run.

Sophia Moskalenko, an expert on the psychology of fairy tales, and Mia Bloom have an interesting take on this. They attribute Ukrainians’ steely resolve, at least in part, to the master narratives that Ukrainian children grow up with.

Early stories, experienced through the magnifying glass of childhood emotions, shape our understanding about the world and our later behaviour, especially in times of crisis.

Traditional Ukrainian bedtime stories portray unassuming characters persevering against insurmountable odds. The character arc leads them through a series of challenges that test their will, transforming their vulnerability into ultimate triumph.

In Russian folklore, on the other hand, the typical protagonist doesn’t win through courage, cleverness and grit, but through the intervention of a magical being – a fish, a frog, a horse.

But none seem to have come to Putin’s rescue…as Ukraine ties his missiles in knots.